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Main Features

  • Photosensitive Sensor (photoelectric switch) NPN always on;
  • Type: E18-D80NK;
  • Input Voltage: 5VDC;
  • Load Current: 100mA;
  • Sensing Distance: Around 80CM;
  • Diameter: 18MM;
  • Sensor Length: 45MM;
  • Lead Length: 45CM.



Introduction of Pins



Emitter constantly emits Infra-red Lights to the detected objects. The receiver turns the reflected rays from the detected objects (light energy) into current and transmit it to the back integrated circuit.

Then the current is output via the amplifier after being processed by IC. At the rear of the sensor, there is a potentiometer to help adjust the detection distance. When the head of Sensor moves and passes the specified distance detection, LED of Sensor is lit up, and at the same time, the sensor outputs low level signal.




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