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The ZMPT101B module is a compact single-phase AC voltage sensor module based on the minuscule 2mA/2mA precision voltage transformer ZMPT101B.

ZMPT101B module can handle AC voltages up to 250V (50Hz/60Hz). Its secondary circuitry, centered on the LM358 dual op-amp chip, also allows tweaking the isolated analog output via an onboard multiturn trimpot. The recommended operating voltage of the module is 5VDC.



  • Output Signal: Analog 0-5V
  • Operating Voltage: DC 5V-30V
  • Measure within 250V AC
  • Rated input current: 2mA
  • Size: 49.5 mm x 19.4 mm
  • Onboard micro-precision voltage transformer
  • Analog output corresponding quantity can be adjusted
  • Good consistency for voltage and power measurement
  • Active output single-phase AC voltage sensor module



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