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2.8" Small Touch Panel    Model: DMG32240C028_03W(Commercial Grade)

DWIN is specialized in making HMI Touch screen displays that are compatible with all microcontrollers like Arduino, STM32, PIC, and 8051 families of Microcontrollers.


Using the DGUS software you can create UI and with SD Card you can load the firmware on display memory.

Meaning of DMG 32240 C 028_03WTR

  • The First two letters DM mean DWIN Smart LCM Product Line
  • G means (18-bit/24-bit) 262K colors
  • 32240 means320 by 240-pixel resolution
  • C means Commercial grade display
  • 028 means a 2.8-inch Display size
  • 0 means a Basic type of screen
  • 3 is Hardware version
  • W stands for Wide Temperature
  • TR Stands for Resistive touch panel
  • HDL662B Adaptor Board + FCC Connecter + USB Cable can be used to download project on to display.Or you can use an USB-TTL Module which is available easily.

SD card method is generally suggested to download files & to load the firmware to the T5L DWIN LCD Display. An SD Card of up to 16GB can be used to download the firmware files.


2.8" Touch DMG 32240 C028-03 WTR


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