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● Based on self-designed T5L0, 262K Color 18-bit,800*480 Pixel IPS TFT LCD;


High Brightness 810nit  Capacitive TOUCH


● TTL and RS232 Interface with 8 Pin 2.0 mm connection wire;

● Download through SD card or on-line serial port available;

● Easy-to-use DWIN DGUS V7.6 GUIs Development, no need for code;

● Two kinds of system for development: DGUSⅡ/TA (Instruction set);

● Wide View Angle 85/85/85/85 (L/R/U/D);

● With GUI & OS dual-core, GUI with many controls. DWIN OS kernel is open to the user for the second-development, via DWIN OS language or KEIL C51.


High Brightness 810 NITS makes it viewable in Daylight.


for your information :

NITS ( candela per square meter  --the light from 1 candle per square meter)

 NITS is the surface area measurement, while lumens account for the total illumination.

Laptops and PCs are mostly used indoors, so they don’t need to be as bright. 200 is on the low end but still usable, while above 400 is above average

 Smartphones, which get a lot of outdoor use, tend to be at least a 300 to 400 nits brightness.


Voltage & Current

Power Voltage6~36V
Operation CurrentVCC = +12V, Backlight on
VCC = +12V, Backlight off

Reliability Test

Working Temperature-20~70℃
Storage Temperature-30~80℃
Working Humidity10%~90%RH


LCM interfaceFPC40 0.5mm, RGB interface
RTP interfaceFPC4 1.0mm
Output VoltageOutput 1, Iout = 1mA;3.0~3.3 V
Output 0, Iout =-1mA;0~0.3 V
Input Voltage
Input 1, Iin = 1mA; 2.4~5.0V
 Input 0, Iin = -1mA; 0~0.5V
User Interface8Pin 2.0mm socket for power supply and serial communication. Download rate(typical value): 12KByte/s
UART4: ON=TTL/CMOS; OFF=RS232(Only available after OS
Expand FlashExpandable to 64Mbytes NOR Flash or 48Mbytes NOR Flash+512Mbytes
NAND Flash
Buzzer3V passive buzzer. Power: <1W
SD interfaceFAT32. Download files by SD interface can be displayed in statistics. Download rate: 4Mb/s
Reserved module
Wi-Fi module: connect to the cloud platform to update remotely
USB module: download files by USB - (OPTIONAL buy WIFI Module)
PGT05 interfaceWhen product crashes by accident, use PGT05 to update DGUS
kernel and make the product return to normal


4.3" DMG80480T043_09WTC INDUSTRIAL


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