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Meaning of DMG 80480 C070_03WTR

  • The First two letters DM mean DWIN Smart LCM Product Line
  • G means (18-bit/24-bit) 262K colors
  • 80480 means 800 by 480-pixel resolution
  • C means Commercial grade display
  • 070 means a 7.0-inch Display size
  • 0 means a Basic type of screen
  • 4 is Hardware version
  • W stands for Wide Temperature
  • TR Stands for Resistive touch panel


LCM interfaceFPC50_0.5mm, RGB interface
RTP interfaceFPC4_1.0mm
CTP interfaceCOB structure, IIC interface
Baudrate3150~3225600bps, typical value of 115200bps
Output VoltageOutput 1, Iout = 1mA;3.0~3.3V      Output 0, Iout =-1mA;0~0.3V
Input Voltage
Input 1, Iin = 1mA, 2.4~5.0V   Input 0, Iin = -1mA, 0~0.5V 
User Interface10Pin_1.0mm socket for power supply and serial communication. Download rate(typical value): 12KByte/s
Flash16MBytes NOR Flash, for fonts, pictures and audio files. Rewrite cycle: over 100,000 times
Buzzer3V passive buzzer. Power: <1W
SD interfaceFAT32. Download files by SD interface can be displayed in statistics. Download rate: 4Mb/s
Reserved module
Wi-Fi module: connect to the cloud platform to update remotely
USB module: download files by USB flash disk
PGT05 interfaceWhen product crashes by accident, you can use PGT05 to update DGUS kernel and make the product return to normal



Power DC Voltage4.5~5.5V, typical value of 5V
Operation CurrentVCC = +5V, Backlight on,500mA

VCC = +5V, Backlight off,150mA



7 " Touch DMG 80480 C070_04WTR


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