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  • Microcontroller STM32F072RBT6:
    • Core: Cortex M-0
    • Clock Frequency: 48 MHz
    • Flash memory: 128 KB
    • RAM: 16 KB SRAM
    • Housing: LQFP64
  • Debugger ST-Link/V2 is placed on the board with the possibility to work as a standalone device with the release of SWD
  • The system is running on USB or external power supply: 5V/3.3 V
  • On the board there are also:
    • Gyro 3-axisL3GD20
    • Six LEDs
      (four for the user)
    • Two buttons (user's and reset)
    • MiniUSB connector for the user
    • Inputs goldpin for I/O ports
  • The set also includes a universal mounting board that allows you to create your own layouts



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