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The JHD 16×2 Character LCD Display With Yellow Backlight is popular among hobbyists and professionals for its affordable price and easy to use nature. As the name suggests the 16×2 Alphanumeric LCD can show 16 Columns and 2 Rows therefore a total of (16×2) 32 characters can be displayed.

Each character can either be an alphabet or number or even a custom character. This particular LCD has a Yellow backlight


  • Operating Voltage: 4.7V to 5.3V
  • Operating Current 1mA (without backlight)
  • Can display (16×2) 32 Alphanumeric Characters
  • Custom Characters Support
  • Works in both 8-bit and 4-bit Mode

Features :

  • 16 characters wide, 2 rows
  • Black text on the yellow background
  • Single LED backlight included can be dimmed easily with a resistor or PWM.
  • Can be fully controlled with only 6 digital lines! (Any analog/digital pins can be used)

LCD 16X2 Green


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