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4G LTE Modem – RS232 – SIM A7670C

A 4G LTE module with SIM card socket, SMA antenna connector, DC power jack, and an RS232 interface. Supports wireless communication modes of LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/GSM/GPRS/EDGE.

This board is built around the SIMCOM A7670C LTE module and comes with an RS232 interface.                                          The RS232 interface enables easy connection with the computer or laptop using a USB to Serial connector or to the microcontroller using an RS232 to TTL converter. A 3-pin header also exposes a 1.8V level UART interface for direct interfacing with microcontrollers.                                   

                Communication with A7670C is done using AT commands. Comes with a SIM Cardholder and SMA antenna connector.

Input power is provided through a DC Jack. A power LED indicates when the system is powered ON and a NET LED indicates network status.



The SIM7600 GSM Modem is having MQTT stack builtin. This enables us to use simple AT commands to connect to an MQTT broker and publish messages. The MQTT topics can also be subscribed for receiving messages from other MQTT client.

SIM7670C 4G LTE GSM with Antenna (GSM 4G Foldable)


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