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This small, robust and powerful board has the same classic Nano footprint loved worldwide. It can be programmed with the easy to use Arduino IDE available offline and online. Get started in minutes with thousands of sketches available in open-source or write your own: 

Based on the ATMega4808 AVR processor.




If you want to program your Arduino Nano Every while offline you need to install the Arduino Desktop IDE and add the Arduino megaAVR Core to it. This simple procedure is done selecting Tools menu, then Boards and last Boards Manager, as documented in the Arduino Boards Manager page.

Search for


and install megaAVR core.

If you properly installed the megaAVR Core, just connect the Arduino Nano Every to your computer with a USB cable. Windows should initiate its driver installation process once the board is plugged in.


  • New processor with more memory and new peripherals, still 5V capable. The added memory will unleash creativity and open to more complex applications and the new peripheral set, which includes a second serial port, will finally allow communicating at the same time with a PC and with peripherals such as a wireless interface or a GPS.
  • The new power supply architecture based on a high efficiency DC-DC converter allows powering the board at up to 21V and to drive output peripherals with up to 950mA without overheating.
  • Castellated contacts and flush bottom side allow soldering the Nano Every directly on a board as a traditional SMT component, opening the possibility to reduce final product size and helping the use in volume applications.



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