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This HX710B air pressure sensor module uses a high-precision AD sampling chip, adopts a 0-40KPa air pressure sensor, can connect a 2.5mm hose, can detect water level, and other air pressure


  • Two Selectable Differential Input Channels.
  • On-Chip Active Low Noise PGA.
  • Selectable Gain of 32,64 and 128.
  • On-Chip Power Supply Regulator For Load Cell and ADC Analog Power Supply.
  • On-Chip Power-ON-Reset
  • Simple Digital Control And Serial Interface.



The pressure sensor module has a measurement range of 0-5.8 psi. The unit psi is an imperial measurement which stands for pounds per square inch.

If the psi unit is converted to the SI unit Pascal (PA), then measurement range of the pressure sensor denotes 0-40 kpa (1 psi is equal to about 6894.76 Pascal).

At the heart of the small module is a pressure sensor MPS20N0040D-S. Internally, the 6-pin pressure sensor comprises a Wheatstone bridge tailored to work with a regulated 5VDC power supply.

The second component in the module is the HX710B which is a precision 24-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

The HX710B chip is designed to weigh scales and industrial control applications to interface directly with a bridge sensor. Its input low-noise amplifier (PGA) has a fixed gain of 128, corresponding to a full-scale differential input voltage of ±20mV, when a 5V reference voltage is connected to the VREF pin.

The on-chip oscillator provides the system clock without any external components. Besides its on-chip power-on-reset (POR) circuitry simplifies the digital interface initialization.


The pressure sensor module has 4 connection points viz. VCC (+5V), GND (0V), OUT (DATA), and SCK (CLOCK). 


HX710B Air Pressure (0-40KPA) Sensor Module


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