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The 1604 LCD display consists of a 16-character, 4-line display. LCD Ideal for projects with Arduino,PIC, AVR, STM32.

16x4 1604 Backlit backlit LCD display feature backlit:

  • LCD display, 16 characters and 4 lines
  • 5V power supply
  • Blue backlit background, white letters
  • Include an adjustable contrast pin


Pinout Connections

Pin NoSymbolLevelDescription
2VDD5VSupply Voltage for logic
3VO(Variable)Operating voltage for LCD
4RSH/LHigh: DATA, Low: Instruction code
5R/WH/LH: Read  L: Write
6EH,H->LChip enable signal
7DB0H/LData bus line
8DB1H/LData bus line
9DB2H/LData bus line
10DB3H/LData bus line
11DB4H/LData bus line
12DB5H/LData bus line
13DB6H/LData bus line
14DB7H/LData bus line
15A5VLED +

LCD 16X4 Green


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