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The SHT31 sensor could be the finest and highest-accuracy humidity sensor you can find, as it can acquire the relative humidity at only ±2% error. On the other side, it also features excellent performance in terms of temperature measurement, you can use it in some extreme conditions, like -40 degrees or 125 degrees, and it still keeps an accuracy of ±0.3 degrees.

Unlike earlier SHT sensors, this sensor has a true I2C interface, and even with two address options. It also is 3V or 5V compliant, so you can power and communicate with it using just about any microcontroller or microcomputer.


  • Highly reliable, accurate and quick response time
  • I2C interface
  • Well calibrated, linearized, compensated for digital output
  • Highly abstracted development library


  • Input voltage (VCC): 3.3 volts or 5 volts
  • I/O Logic Level: 3.3 volts or 5 volts based on VCC
  • Operating Current: 100 μA
  • Operating Temperature: -40–125 ℃
  • Temperature Sensor Range: -40–125 ℃, with ±0.3°C accuracy
  • Humidity Sensor Range: 0% - 100%(Relative Humidity), with ±2% accuracy
  • Sensor Chip: SHT31
  • I2C

SHT31 I2C Humidity Temperature Module


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