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STC-1000 - it is a very popular thermostat, small size temperature controller, which we can use to automatically control cooling and heating. It has a readable LED display and a waterproof temperature sensor with a 1m cable. The device can be used in refrigerators, stoves, pumps, swimming pools, smokehouses, wherever you need to control the temperature.

Technical data:
- Power supply: 220V / 230V AC
- Measurement accuracy: ± 1 ° C
- Measurement temperature range: -50 + 110 ° C
- External dimensions of the device [width x height x depth]: 75 x 35 x 85 [mm]
- Sensor: hermetic, stainless steel cylinder Ø4mm x 20mm, type NTC
- Sensor length 1m
- Power consumption: <3W
- Relays: 10A / 240V AC
- Housing material: flame-retardant ABS
- Weight: 104g
- LED screen dimensions: 20 x 43 [mm]

Modes of operation:
F1 - Temperature setting
F2 - Hysteresis: 0.3 ° V - 10 ° C
F3 - Relay activation delay time (LED blinking) - from 1 to 10 min.
F4 - Temperature sensor calibration: (-10 ° C - 10 ° C)
When the temperature exceeds the set temperature (F1 + F2), cooling is turned on, and when it drops, heating is turned on.

User manual:

Checking parameters:
During normal operation, press the ▲ button once. The set temperature will be displayed. Pressing the ▼ button once will display the set hysteresis.

Parameter setting:
During normal operation, hold down the "S" button for approximately 3 seconds. The temperature setting mode will be activated and the display will show “F1”, the SET LED will be lit.

Use the arrows to go to the next setting items, which will be described in the table below. To change the value of the required setting, select the appropriate item, then while holding the "S" button, change the setting value using the ▲ or ▼ button.

After the set value is set, release the "S" button and press the power button once. This will save the set values ​​and return to the current temperature display mode. If, after entering the setting mode, no operation is performed within 10 seconds, the device will automatically return to the normal operation mode.

If an error occurs while saving the parameters (the display shows "Er"), the controller will return to the normal operation mode within 3 seconds.

Factory reset:
In the event of an error, the display will show "Er". Pressing any button at this time will restore the default settings and return to the normal operating mode.

STC 1000 Temperature Controller 230v AC


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