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The module enables the measurement of ambient lighting. The range of measurements is in the range 1 - 65535 LUX. communication takes place using the I2C bus.


Technical data
Supply voltage: 3.6 V - 6 V
I2C interface
A spectral response similar to that of the human eye
Implementation of the function of the converter brightness -> digital signal
Wide range and high measurement resolution (1 - 65535 lux)
Low power consumption mode
Industrial noise filtering function (50Hz / 60Hz)
Small variation in measurements (+/- 20%)
Insignificant influence of infrared lighting on the sensor results
Dimensions: 18 x 14 [mm]


The module has five pins:
VCC - supply voltage 3 - 5 V.
GND - the ground of the system.
SCL - clock line of the I2C bus.
SDA - data line of the I2C bus.
ADDR - selection of the I2C bus address, specifying the low state sets the address to: 0100011 high: 1011100. By default, the output is in the low state.

Light Intensity Sensor GY-302 - BH1750 - I2C Bus


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